Down Payment

A 25% good-faith down payment is required up front for projects over $100, and payment can be made through PayPal or a direct bank transfer. Once the work is finished, the final balance is to be paid through PayPal or direct bank transfer. A final invoice and payment request email will be sent at that time and all files will be transferred to you upon final payment receipt.


I have a template contract that I modify for each project with the specific details. Once both parties agree to all the terms of the contract, both sign and date it and each party receives a copy for their records.


PayPal offers financing for payments over $99 when you pay through the payment request email you receive from me and select PayPal Credit.

Referral Program

If you were satisfied with my services, please refer your friends, relatives, and colleagues to us. If your referral results in a contract for our services, you will receive a discount on your next project with me.

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