Are you an author without a publishing contract? This may sound funny, but lacking a contract is a good thing, and I’m happy for you.

It means you are free to explore publishing a book on your own. You may already know this, but self publishing a book has some serious benefits over going with a traditional publisher. You get to keep the majority of your book profits, retain your book publishing rights, and you control how your book is created, priced, marketed and distributed.

If you are ready to learn the best way to self publish, you’ve come to the right place. I’m an author too, and I taught myself to best way to format a book, and eventually self published my books online. It was seriously time-intensive, and I think having a background in information technology helped.

I’ve learned that most authors don’t have the desire or knowledge to delve into the technical work of formatting a book, and so I decided to offer my skills. Basically, I can do the technical aspects of self-publishing for you. My services include the professional design and typesetting of your manuscripts. In addition to the interior formatting, I can also create a cover and electronic book files as well, and upload your book to any of the POD (print on demand) book publishers, such as Amazon or Ingram Spark.

My overall goal is to help independent authors circumvent the traditional publishing route and achieve success at self publishing a book. It’s a win-win; my clients get to keep the majority of their book-sale profits, and I get to work at something I love to do and lend a hand to my fellow writers. If you are looking for someone to help you get over the publishing finish line, give me a shout. I can help.

My self-publishing journey started ten years ago when I self published my own books on my website and the major publishing outlets. I feel blessed to have discovered how to do this for myself as it was a positive turning point in my life. Today, I look forward to helping you publish your books.

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