Are you an author without a publishing contract? This may sound funny, but lacking a contract is a good thing, and I’m happy for you.

It’s good because it means you are free to self-publish your own books. You may already know this, but self-publishing has some serious benefits. You get to keep the majority of your book profits, you retain your book publishing rights, and you control how your book is created, priced, marketed and distributed.

If you are ready to self-publish, you’ve come to the right place to get it done. I’m an author too, and having negotiated the self-publishing process for myself, I can help you do the same. Basically, I can do the technical aspects of self-publishing for you. My services include the professional design and typesetting of your manuscripts, and I can also create e-book files and cover designs.

My overall goal is to help independent authors circumvent the traditional publishing route. It’s a win-win; my clients get to keep the majority of their book-sale profits, and I get to work at something I love to do and lend a hand to my fellow writers. If you are looking for someone to help you get over the publishing finish line, give me a shout. I can help.

My self-publishing journey started ten years ago with publishing my own books on my website and the major publishing outlets. I feel blessed to have discovered how to do this for myself as it was a positive turning point in my life. Today, I look forward to helping you publish yours.

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